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H.E. Eng. Essa Al Maidoor

President of The Society of Engineers-UAE (2010 - Present)

Deputy Director General of the Dubai Municipality  (2012, again since May 2015)

Director General of the Dubai Health Authority (Nov 2012 - May 2015)

Chairman of the Infrastructure Committee of Dubai Municipality

Chairman of the Green Building Committee of Dubai Municipality

Chairman of Noor Dubai (Sept 2008 - Present)

Member of Dubai Supreme Council of Energy


Innovative Supporter

Educational Partner

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Exhibitor List 2015

Who is exhibiting,

and what robots are they showcasing...?


Please note that you can register for 1 or multiple aspects of RTEX

Age requirements: College +

Age requirements: College +

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Group visits by schools please email:

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Pre-reg Required

* Open to all visitors

* Open to all visitors

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Age requirements: College +

Age requirements: College +

Age requirements: College +

If interested to participate, contact:

International Agents


Russia, Armenia

Azerbaijan, Belarus

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Moldova, Tajikistan

Uzbekistan, Georgia



Mr. Jack Yasakov


+7  495 626 57 60

+7 495 721 32 51



Adept Korea Company

South Korea


Mr. Jason Lee


+82 31 602 0469


Japan, Singapore

Malaysia, Australia

New Zealand


+82 2 717 3280

+82 10 333 932 80


The Space Box



Ms. Sabita Kath


+91 973 913 9726



Messe Turkey



Mr. Altug Hotman


+90 216 385 3264

+90 532 681 96 83





The Find A Way Group





Ms. Ana Mamarbachi


+34 934 122 460



Momentum Productions

Benelux, Germany

Switzerland, Austria

Italy, East Europe


Mr. Georges Saade

Mr. Karim Khellaf

Mr. Angelo Pavon


+33 1 46 24 29 2





Orient UK

United Kingdom


Mr. Mahdi Aydan


+44 1732763344





KS Circuits

North America


Mr. Kajen Selva


+1 416 710 6083

Ingeman Stanqist KB

Denmark, Sweden

Finland, Norway


Mr. Jan Stanqvist


+46 8 259957




Marketing tips for Exhibitors

Don’t wait too long to confirm your participation


The longer you wait, the less time you have for proper marketing!


Though, as the organizer, we are actively advertising for RTEX via email, press releases, social media, paid advertisements, etc… It is equally important that you too advertise as much as possible in advance!


After all, you know best what your products and services are, who your target audience is, and what your goals are from exhibiting at RTEX.


Also: don’t only focus on the UAE; try to reach customers from the entire GCC.

To achieve your goals you need the right strategy!

We would like to provide you with some tips to help you get the maximum return on your investment:

1 -  Define your goals from exhibiting

2 -  Generate sales leads

3 -  Introduce new products / services

4 -  Build awareness of existing products


Strategy 1

Generate traffic to your stand


Run ads in industry journals, house newsletters, RTEX Newsletters, etc...


Send direct mails to lists of customers, former customers and prospects to encourage them to register for RTEX and visit your stand.


Engage in Social media.


Write a press release about new products that will be featured at your stand.


Advertise your coming trade show attendance on your website.


Order visitor invitations from the organizer.

Strategy 2

Train booth staff


Choose booth staff who are outgoing, personable, and polite.


Make sure your booth staff is well-informed about your complete

product line, and knowledgeable about the audience.


Hold a mandatory training session for all booth personnel prior to opening the booth.


Get out from behind your booth and get off your phone/computer.


Remind staff of the importance of greeting and engaging all booth visitors.


Make sure you have plenty of promotional literature and giveaways on hand.


Strategy 3

Connect and follow-up


Provide a touch-screen survey for attendees to complete while at your      booth to collect additional demographic information.


Determine what constitutes a qualified lead for your product.


Sort leads into categories based on quality.


After the exhibition follow-up immediately.


Don’t stop at only 1 follow-up! Often multiple follow-ups are required.

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Sunday to Thursday from 09:00 to 17:00, Standard Time +0400 UT


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